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PS3 YLOD Fix: How I did it

Hello PlayStation 3 Owner, If you have run into this issue, I am aware of how frustrated you are. I’ve been there and just recently fixed mine and my brother’s PS3 (Fat Body). We both encountered this same issue. Back-story on my issue: My PS3 ran into the Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) issue and after much troubleshooting; checking cables, powering down for days, […]

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PS3 Media Server – Simplified

Hello Friends This time around I will provide some details on setting up the PS3 Media Server software on your Linux/Ubuntu install. This time the steps have been simplified. So please follow my steps and you should be up and running in no time at all. Step 1. – Install Ubuntu Server or Desktop (I […]

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PS3 Media Server (Again)

It’s been about 2 years now and well it was time for me to rebuild my PS3 Media Server The last time I made a write up about this; I gave a few steps and left some out. Here is my rebuild and steps I took to get it working. I started off by installing […]


Netflix is not working on PS3 – July 2011

It seems Netflix is down on the PS3

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Reset PS3 Video Setting

This short write up is for a friend who needs to know how to reset his video so that he can move away from composite video (blah) to HDMI (come get some). Make sure the system is off. Hold down the Power Button for a few seconds (about 5) – until you hear the second […]