My Moderna COVID-19 Vaccination Experience

On February 25, 2021, 6:50 PM EST, I was administered the first of two vaccination doses of the Moderna Vaccine.

I admittedly was initially hesitant at the thought of getting the vaccine. After doing my own research, listening to the guidance of experts, in addition to personal friends receiving the vaccination I felt confident that doing so was the right choice.

I’m a healthy 46-year-old man who attempts to take care of his health with an active lifestyle that includes physical fitness and attempts his best to consume a balanced diet. So it was important for me to protect myself and my family and also share my experience with others.

The process for the first vaccination

I arrived early for my vaccination appointment. I was asked if I felt sick, had a fever. I was also asked if I had tested positive for Covid-19 in the last two weeks, or in contact with anyone who may have had it. Very basic and generic questions. I observed that all recipients of the vaccine are asked the same questions. I answered “no” to all

After getting the first shot, I was given a vaccination card with the lot number of the vaccine. All recipients receive the same card, which gets updated when they get their second dose of the vaccine.

I was then monitored for 15 minutes in case of an allergic reaction before I was allowed to leave. I set the alarm on my phone and waited until 7:07 PM and got up and left the facility and returned home for the evening.

For more info on What to Expect

Reaction or Side effects

My vaccination shot was painless. At this time 11:30 PM, I have no side effects that are noticeable. I do however have a dull soreness in the injection location that started approximately 3 hours after my injection.


It’s February 26, 8:00 PM EST. and it’s been over 24 hours since my Moderna, NIAID vaccination. I’ve had no noticeable side-effects other than the continued dull soreness at my injection site. So far, so good.

It’s, Friday, March 5, 5:00 PM EST. It’s one week and a day since my vaccination and I have no adverse effect on my physical wellbeing or mood. I have been active since and continuing my workout routine. Now I just wait for my second dose which is scheduled for April 3, 2021.

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My process basically the same for first injection. Soreness at injection site then slight black and blue. A week later had redness and slight swelling by injection site. Applied lotion and was gone next day.
Had second dose on 2/24 at 9am same process. Felt some sorenessin arm about 6 hours later and about 7pm felt very tired. Actually couldn’t keep my eyes open. Woke up in morning couldn’t move. Tired achy and headache. Slept most of day. Took temp once was low grade at 99. Starting feeling better at about 6pm just slight soreness at injection site. Will keep you posted on any further developments. I will say if the reaction I felt was a sample of covid, I am glad I went for vaccine.

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